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Browse > Masking > Tape Logic® Colored Masking Tape
Tape Logic<span class='rtm'>®</span>  Colored Masking Tape
Tape Logic® Colored Masking Tape
Use Colored Masking Tape to color code shipments or for inventory identification.
  • Designed for medium temperature applications.
  • Stain and solvent resistant.

Tape Logic® Colored Masking Tape
W x LColorMilRolls
Per Case
T931003A1/4" x 60 yds.Light Green4.9144
T93100312PKA1/4" x 60 yds.Light Green4.912
T931003B1/4" x 60 yds.Black4.9144
T93100312PKB1/4" x 60 yds.Black4.912
T931003D1/4" x 60 yds.Orange4.9144
T93100312PKD1/4" x 60 yds.Orange4.912
T931003E1/4" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.9144
T93100312PKE1/4" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.912
T931003H1/4" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.9144
T93100312PKH1/4" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.912
T931003R1/4" x 60 yds.Red4.9144
T93100312PKR1/4" x 60 yds.Red4.912
T931003W1/4" x 60 yds.White4.9144
T93100312PKW1/4" x 60 yds.White4.912
T931003Y1/4" x 60 yds.Yellow4.9144
T93100312PKY1/4" x 60 yds.Yellow4.912
T934003B3/4" x 60 yds.Black4.948
T93400312PKB3/4" x 60 yds.Black4.912
T934003E3/4" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.948
T93400312PKE3/4" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.912
T934003H3/4" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.948
T93400312PKH3/4" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.912
T934003A3/4" x 60 yds.Light Green4.948
T93400312PKA3/4" x 60 yds.Light Green4.912
T934003D3/4" x 60 yds.Orange4.948
T93400312PKD3/4" x 60 yds.Orange4.912
T934003R3/4" x 60 yds.Red4.948
T93400312PKR3/4" x 60 yds.Red4.912
T934003W3/4" x 60 yds.White4.948
T93400312PKW3/4" x 60 yds.White4.912
T934003Y3/4" x 60 yds.Yellow4.948
T93400312PKY3/4" x 60 yds.Yellow4.912
T935003B1" x 60 yds.Black4.936
T93500312PKB1" x 60 yds.Black4.912
T935003E1" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.936
T93500312PKE1" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.912
T935003H1" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.936
T93500312PKH1" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.912
T935003A1" x 60 yds.Light Green4.936
T93500312PKA1" x 60 yds.Light Green4.912
T935003D1" x 60 yds.Orange4.936
T93500312PKD1" x 60 yds.Orange4.912
T935003R1" x 60 yds.Red4.936
T93500312PKR1" x 60 yds.Red4.912
T935003W1" x 60 yds.White4.936
T93500312PKW1" x 60 yds.White4.912
T935003Y1" x 60 yds.Yellow4.936
T93500312PKY1" x 60 yds.Yellow4.912
T937003B2" x 60 yds.Black4.924
T93700312PKB2" x 60 yds.Black4.912
T937003E2" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.924
T93700312PKE2" x 60 yds.Dark Green4.912
T937003H2" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.924
T93700312PKH2" x 60 yds.Light Blue4.912
T937003A2" x 60 yds.Light Green4.924
T93700312PKA2" x 60 yds.Light Green4.912
T937003D2" x 60 yds.Orange4.924
T93700312PKD2" x 60 yds.Orange4.912
T937003R2" x 60 yds.Red4.924
T93700312PKR2" x 60 yds.Red4.912
T937003W2" x 60 yds.White4.924
T93700312PKW2" x 60 yds.White4.912
T937003Y2" x 60 yds.Yellow4.924
T93700312PKY2" x 60 yds.Yellow4.912

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